Who We Are

Airace Productions is a high end video production and photography company based in Central Alberta. We don’t believe in a generic type of service though; our imagination is not limited by anything, so we believe our services should have no limitations either. We specialize in services that integrate the role of storytelling into your business and are approaching brand story telling from a new perspective. By making our services affordable to all brands who want to try out something different when it comes to marketing and content creation, this makes us inherently flexible to deliver solutions that ideally match your requirements and your budget.

Airace Productions was started from the simple idea of offering affordability with a high level of quality. And it is this philosophy that affects every single decision we make today. In today's marketplace, not only does who you work with matter, but what that company can deliver at what cost plays a significant role in every project. We believe that great content creation should be available for all budgets, both big and small. Apart from our individualized level of service, our specialty is our creativity when it comes to creating a story for your brand. In today’s world, customers demand experience – they want to know the company they are choosing has what it takes to deliver. So storytelling is imperative for any business, and in understanding this, we seek to deliver solutions that express your brand story perfectly. Attracting customers immediately, much like love at first sight.

Since 2011, we have been creating great content at an affordable price. This is who we are and we continue to do it to benefit you, the client. We believe nothing should stand in your way from promoting your brand, so we look forward to working with you to see what we can create together. By understanding your brand and delivering solutions you can trust, we know that we can help you stand out from the crowd. Now is the time to see media differently. For further information, contact us today.

But while you are here, check out our latest reel below!

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